Your Sneakers Will Never Be the Same

July Release: The Don’t Cry Dunks!

The Don’t Cry Dunks! have been one of our most highly anticipated pairs yet and you’ve probably seen the teaser pictures that we released earlier and are wondering what these kicks look like.  Well, the wait is now over because The Don’t Cry Dunks! are finally here.  This time around, we decided to pay tribute to our urban art roots, focusing on the flow of tagging across the design.  Throughout the pair of sneakers, you can see various tags in light grey, black, and even electric blue.  We also wanted to remind our fans that it’s really all about art and creativity joining with fashion, so an original portrait of a woman crying made up of graffiti tags is laid within the design.  But, as always, we couldn’t just leave these kicks alone without our trademark binary.  Finally, the original RŌM tag and the pair number grace the heels of each shoe, finishing off the design.

The July release, a.k.a. The Don’t Cry Dunks!, are now up for grabs at for $250 a pair, but keep in mind that we’ll only be creating 20 pairs worldwide.  People have already reserved their pair of The Don’t Cry Dunks!, so there’s no telling how much longer they’ll be in stock.  For more exclusive discounts and updates about RŌM AND for more pictures, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.



2 responses

  1. King J

    This shoes are soooo DOPE!!!! im saving to get a pair lls!

    July 5, 2011 at 11:53 pm

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