Your Sneakers Will Never Be the Same

Sneak Peek Saturday: Touchdown… Everything You Missed

This past Thursday we had our first release party for our RŌM kicks at U Street’s Touchdown in D.C.  The vibe was set with some old school hip hop being played by DJ Shade and a live performance by local emcee, Ardamus.  There were drinks going around all night and, in case you got hungry, there were plenty of appetizers to choose from.  But, of course, the RŌM kicks were on special display and were the real stars of the show.  Everything from custom one of ones to the D-Days and even RŌM’s latest, the Louis the 14th sneakers, were at Touchdown.  People were talking about the shoes all night and another RŌM release party may already be in the works.  I, honestly, had a great time and I want to send a big thank you to everyone who came out to RŌM’s very first release party.  Check back soon to find out about upcoming RŌM events.


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