Your Sneakers Will Never Be the Same

Sneak Peek Saturday: Double-Up Contest

It’s official, RŌM is now 500 strong, but we never like to settle, so we’ve got our next contest starting now.  The Double-Up Contest is a challenge to all of you to get 500 new fans to like our Facebook page.  The person who can bring in the most likes will get the top prize of a pair of free RŌM kicks and 50% off their next purchase.  But to show our appreciation for your hard work, second and third place get a little something, too.  Second place will get 50% off their next purchase and whoever brings in the third most likes will get 25% off.  How do you win, you ask?  All you need to do is tell people to like the RŌM page.  Tell your sneaker head friends, any musicians who can use some shoes for promo, even your girlfriend if you want to send her a hint as to what you want for Christmas.  Just spread the word.  Once your people like our page, just make sure they post your name on our wall, letting us know that you sent them.  The Double-Up Contest will last until we hit that 1,000 mark, so get to work for your free kicks!


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