Your Sneakers Will Never Be the Same

It’s Whatever Sunday: Concrete Dunks

Graffiti artist, JUSE, began the project “I Have Pop” as a way to encourage creativity and to get people thinking about different perspectives.  As one of his projects, JUSE created ten pairs of concrete dunks and placed them in front of some sneaker boutiques.  He didn’t tell anybody about it, so that he could get a raw reaction from whoever saw them.  Surprisingly enough, a few of the boutiques that noticed the dunks put them on display inside.  A year after he began the project, JUSE announced what he did, gaining him even more publicity than before.  If I would’ve seen one of these concrete dunks in the street, I probably would’ve been confused, but I definitely would’ve been interested.  This was a smart move on JUSE’s part and kudos on the creative approach.

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