Your Sneakers Will Never Be the Same

Mayan Prophecy Dunks

With all of this 2012 end of the world talk, you know we had to throw in our two cents.  For this month’s limited edition release, we bring you the 2012 Mayan Prophecy Dunks.  Using a pair of Nike Dunks we crafted a tale that  depicts the Mayan God, Huracan, flooding the world in his serpent form as the prediction foretells.  On both kicks, you can see the Mayan stylized snake flooding the design that goes from the mid panel to the heel in a light brown.  On the outer left heel there is a more detailed portrait of the God in a deep brown, while the outer right heel displays the number in the series.  To complete the design, we included small Mayan calendar inspired details and created a custom beige, wine, and brown color way with velvet brown suede on the tongue.

The Mayan Prophecy Dunks are being sold now and only 12 pairs are being made worldwide.  They are available for a limited time only and are priced at an even $300.  Remember that these kicks are sold exclusively through us, RŌM, so if you’re interested hit us up at in the Contact section.  Enjoy the official pictures of The Mayan Prophecy Dunks!


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